About us

The AKAMAV is a student workgroup at the Technische Universität Braunschweig.

Our goal is the development of an autonomous Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV). Concept, construction and building are done by students.

These kinds of MAVs are able to carry small cameras or sensors, which give them the ability for lots of applications. In near future such equipped MAVs will be used for data acquisition, disaster management, traffic management, observation of long range infrastructures like gas pipelines and generally ranges, which require a fast elucidation in for humans non-accessible areas.


TU Night 2016

For the first time two years in a row the technische Universität Braunschweig invited to a night of science. As a new concept and with a combination of TU Day and TU Night scientists and engineers, those who want to be some one day, enthusiasts and these, who have been all their life met and celebrated together.

It was huge fun for us to inform about current UAV research topics , excite with our controller test stand and take our helium and silicon beauty out for a walk.

Special thanks to the organizers for the smooth event, we are already excited for next year!

Let there be light!

For decades robots were not granted to enjoy the beauty of this world with their own eyes. But this time is over! On this wednesday a small circle of research assistants and AKAMAV members took part in an official workshop by MathWorks about computer vision.

We are thankful for everyone who joined us so gladly and especially for Mr. Sieben and his colleague giving us a quick insight in rapid developing and testing of image processing algorithms with MatLab on a Raspberry Pi.

Anytime again!

Invitation to the IMAV2016

Hold your slippers, fellow human follower,

today we are proud to announce the AKAMAV is one of the few teams out of originally 27 being selected to take part in this years International Micro Air Vehicle Challenge and Conference (IMAV2016) in Beijing, China. It is an honour for us to take this trip and be part of the scientific competition as one of very few german teams. We are about to give our best and can't wait to connect to other enthusiasts worldwide.

Last but not least I hope you like dancing, 'cause thats what we're doing right now!