MAV 1 & 2: Mausi & Mütze

The 500mm wheelbase systems are each equipped with a Pixhawk Flight Controller (with GPS), a Raspberry Pie and a camera connected to it. The interaction of these components allows to gather optical information about the environment, followed by complex analysis and a transfer to control- respectively flight commands.

MAV 3: Nighthawk 13

The 250mm wheelbase “FPV racer” is equipped with a FPV camera and transmitter. The system is used by the AKAMAV for flight training.

MAV 4: Nighthawk 14

The 250mm wheelbase copter is equipped a micro APM autopilot (with GPS) and a Canon IXUS 220 HS point-and-shoot camera. The camera is loaded with CHDK and will be used for the mapping mission. After the flight, the GPS tracked logged by the APM is used to georeference the pictures. Photogrammetric processing is done by Agisoft Photoscan.

MAV 5: F450

The 450mm wheelbase copter possesses an APM flight controller (with GPS) and is used as the backup mapping copter.