TU Night 2017

This year the TU Night took place at 17th June. It is an awesome event which combines science and music. More than 20,000 people came to join it. We appreciate to be part of this wonderful event again. Our race track attracted many visitors just as our beautiful blimp. We had a lot of fun and carried on good conversations.Thanks to the organizer for a successful and great night!

MathWorks Workshop - Generating C++ Code

Do you remember the VTOL named Changyucopter we built some months ago? Due to his master thesis, Yannic Beyer created a flight control Simulink model of this Tandem Tilt Wing. However, wouldn’t it be exciting to test the simulation on a real model? For example to upload the complete code of the simulation on a Pixhawk, as it is often used as a flight controller on MAVs? Therefore we recently joined an interesting MathWorks workshop to learn how to generate C++ code of a Simulink model and to upload it on a microcontroller. Thanks to MathWorks for hosting this workshop, introducing interesting tools and inspiring us!

And the winner is...

... Team AKAMAV for this years outdoor competition of the International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Competition (2016). After the triumph of last year in Aachen we worked hard to progress as a team. One year of technical advancements is currently even more of an eternity in the field of UAV sciences. Consequently the past few months have been very intense for us to stay competitive internationally. With a start from a dynamically moving platform, real-time aerial mapping of the competition area, autonomous parcel delivery and optical tracked precision landing we were able to take the title to Germany. As the first team two times in a row!

We raise our hats to the outstanding organisation of this competition and give thanks to the other teams for making it so thrilling from start to end!

TU Night 2016

For the first time two years in a row the technische Universität Braunschweig invited to a night of science. As a new concept and with a combination of TU Day and TU Night scientists and engineers, those who want to be some one day, enthusiasts and these, who have been all their life met and celebrated together.

It was huge fun for us to inform about current UAV research topics , excite with our controller test stand and take our helium and silicon beauty out for a walk.

Special thanks to the organizers for the smooth event, we are already excited for next year!

Let there be light!

For decades robots were not granted to enjoy the beauty of this world with their own eyes. But this time is over! On this wednesday a small circle of research assistants and AKAMAV members took part in an official workshop by MathWorks about computer vision.

We are thankful for everyone who joined us so gladly and especially for Mr. Sieben and his colleague giving us a quick insight in rapid developing and testing of image processing algorithms with MatLab on a Raspberry Pi.

Anytime again!

Invitation to the IMAV2016

Hold your slippers, fellow human follower,

today we are proud to announce the AKAMAV is one of the few teams out of originally 27 being selected to take part in this years International Micro Air Vehicle Challenge and Conference (IMAV2016) in Beijing, China. It is an honour for us to take this trip and be part of the scientific competition as one of very few german teams. We are about to give our best and can't wait to connect to other enthusiasts worldwide.

Last but not least I hope you like dancing, 'cause thats what we're doing right now!

IMAV15 Outdoor Missions

The following video illustrates the AKAMAV's contribution at the outdoor part of IMAV15.


From the depths of space there descended a creature made of rescue film and helium. His purpose is to annihilate all tediousness and disharmony of the people from planet earth. The AKAMAV team and some bystanders were the first welcoming the extraterrestrial visiter. Live long and prospor, you shiny handsomeness!

Drones for your trouser pocket

On the past wednesday 02.12.15 the AKAMAV copter workshop of this semester took place. Altogether 15 participants listened to the lectures about multicopters and their control of flight dynamics. Afterwards in a frenzy crafting tunnel we managed to make 4 of 5 trouser pocket drones lift up in the air. We are sure the last one will also surrender till next week.

Thanks to all participants for making that day possible, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Workshop Round 2: Airship

You are the weekend warrior of MAV pilots? "Grandpa with hat" is not offensive but a way of life to you? Maybe you are currently curing your quadrocopter tinnitus? Whatever it is, we got the right stuff for you!

On the 9th of December (09.12.15) from 13:00 - 18:00 o'clock we are hosting a workshop about airships at the Institute of Flight Guidance (Hermann-Blenk-Straße 27). Together with members of the AKAMAV you are building a complete MAV and make it lift-off.  What are you waiting for? Ah, right - info@akamav.de !

Workshop Round 1: Quadrocopter

Attention, you well appreciated follower of our wonderful website!

Punctual to the start of the winter semester the AKAMAV hosts a workshop about quadrocopter at the Insitute of Flight Guidance (Hermann-Blenk-Straße 27) on the second of december (02.12) from 13:00 to 18:00 o'clock. In short presentations we gonna show you the general functionality of these systems. If you didn't fall asleep, you will then be part of constructing and setting up a quadrocopter on your own. In the end you will be able to fly your DIY drone and challenge the other participants. If you are interested, send an email to info@akamav.de. Limited spaces! We are looking forward to hear from you!

Double score at the IMAV 2015

In cooperation with the Institute of Flight Guidance the AKAMAV took place in the ,,International Micro Air Vehicle conference and competition 2015" (IMAV 2015) in Aachen Germany. We thank all participating teams for the great week and are happy to start our vacation with 1. place in indoor- and outdoorchallenge!

Unmanned progress - interview studi38

A recent interview on the activities of AKAMAV and the social and economic benefits of drones. Interview studi38 (summer semseter 2015)

TU Night 2015 - a great success

Now the TU Night is behind us. With our self-built controller test stand and other attractions for young and old, we were able to inspire a large audience. It was a great success, we have not least thanks to our sponsors. At this point, we would like once again to thank for their support. Many thanks to the company Wirth and the Institute of Flight Guidance.

TU Night 2015

The AKAMAV will be represented at the TU Night 2015 on 27.06.2015 . We will show our latest aircrafts and demonstrate exciting experiments .

ILA Berlin Air Show 2012

The AKAMAV will be represented at the ILA Berlin Air Show (hall/stand no.: 3/3505e). Belong other things our airship Carolo 12 and the prototype of Carolo 13 will be demonstrated.

Awards at IMAV 2012

At the Outdoor and Indoor Competition of the IMAV 2012 in Brunswick [Germany] the AKAMAV took the 1. place in every participated category.

The AKAMAV thanks all sponsors for their support.

Information on the IMAV 2012

The AKAMAV will participate in the Indoor Competition of the IMAV 2012 in Brunswick from 3rd – 6th July 2012 with it's follow-up model of the airship Carolo 11.

AERO Friedrichshafen

The AKAMAV will be represented at the AERO Friedrichshafen (hall/stand no.: B3-305). Belong other things our airship Carolo 11 and the prototype of the follow-up model will be demonstrated.

1. place Spring IMAV 2011

With our self-developed airship we entered the Spring IMAV 2011 in Huntsville [Alabama, USA] and took the 1. place in the Overall and Indoor Competition. As first and only team we had been able to solve all tasks in the Indoor Autonmy part and reached so the maximum count of points. (report is available in German at tu-braunschweig.de and also in German the official travel report of the team)

The AKAMAV is thankful to all sponsors for their support.